Lincoln B2 RF398 (Commission)

This commission was to paint an aircraft that does not get much attention, the Avro Lincoln B2. This was the next step for the Lancaster bomber, and served with the RAF post WW2.

The client did ask for just the aircraft to be painted directly on to the canvas. However, due to the colour scheme of the aircraft, it would have bene lost on a black background. The client then suggested doing the RAF roundel as a back ground, but in a toned down version.

Painted on large canvas bag (33x29x13cm with 2 large external pockets).


  1. I flew on 398 during an air test in 1953 , I was lucky enough to sit in the bomb Aimer's compartment during this test flight , the pilots were Wing Commander Jay, who was the CO. Of RAF Lichfield and Flt/Lt. Jakowiz the Adjutant. This was prior to this aircraft going to Kenya to assist with the Mau Mau problem. Happy Daysl


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