Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 2 TeePublic

 Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 2

So following on from my previous blog post "Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 1 Redbubble" I'm doing another in the series.

Today we are talking about TeePublic. I've only been running my TeePublic shop since July 2020. Sales have been as expected, slow but kind of steady.

As with my Etsy shop and my RedBubble shop, I'm catering for the aviation and military/history enthusiasts. As mentioned before, these are niches that I feel comfortable creating designs for.

TeePublic works in a similar way to Redbubble, but they have less products. However, TeePublic is much easier and quicker to upload designs and apply them to products.

One slight downside to TeePublic from a sellers perspective, is that they do hold a lot of sales (great for the customer!), but this can eat in to your commission.

Payments from TeePublic are the 15th of every month, and they do not have a minimum payment level. So if you have earned $2 or $200 they will pay it on the 15th. Most other POD (Print On Demand) sites will have a minimum value for pay outs.

I like TeePublic, it's probably not going to be a big earner for me, but it's quick and easy to use. Maybe once I have a shop with thousands of designs, it may earn me more money. But as I've said before, and will repeat here, this is a long term strategy to build income.

My TeePublic Shop

The link to my TeePublic shop is