Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 3 Zazzle

Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 3

So, continuing with this little series of blog posts, we get to Zazzle.

Zazzle was my first POD that I joined way back. But it suffered the same issue as Redbubble until last year. I didn't really know what I was doing and how to best design for products, or even working on niches.

Zazzle has some pros and cons, well don't all the PODs? But the biggest issue I personally find with Zazzle are their prices. The products are quite expensive with just the basic commission. This does not leave you with much wiggle room to increase the commission.

However, on the plus side. You can create more than one shop under your account, they have many more products that most other PODs, they are geared up so that your products can be customised by the customer, you can do affiliate sales with them.

I'll be honest, I've not made much money on Zazzle, but that is because I don't think I'm creating the right products. If you are good at designing wedding invites, birthday cards etc., then I think you would do well on Zazzle. My biggest sellers have been postcards, but they bring in pennies of commission not pounds!

As mentioned above, one of the pros of Zazzle is the ability to have more than one shop. So in my case I have 3 live shops. This enables me to sell different niche designs that would not sit well together. Easier explained by showing my shops.


As per my previous PODs this little shop is aimed at the aviation and military history enthusiast. It's doing OK, but sales are very few are far between. You an view the shop here.


This was my first shop. I've had a good tidy up inside it since it went live. Again, sales have been very slow, butt I think that's down to my products. Actually the image below demonstrates another positive about Zazzle, you can have designs on the front and back of a garment.

I've had even less sales for this little shop, I need to put in more work. You can view my this shop here.


I set this one up to sell my photos. Selling photos is a very highly saturated market, but I'm pleased to say, I have sold a few.

You can view this shop here.

I'm sure I could be making more money with Zazzle, but I'm finding other PODs much more lucrative for far less work. I think it's going to be one of those projects that I tinker with in the background for a while.