Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 4 Affiliate Marketing

Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part4

Affiliate marketing, where I recommend a product, that product sells and I get a small commission. Sounds simple, should be a good money earner. Well I'm sure it is for some, but so far I have not made any money from this!

Well actually that's not quite true, I did make a few pence via Zazzle with an affiliate sale. My problem is that the items I'm doing affiliate marketing on, are quite low price items. Plus the platforms that I'm putting affiliate links do not have a large following.

So in theory, it should be a good passive income stream, but I have some way to go to get mine to that level.

Where Am I adding my links?

My two main areas for passive me are a model making blog, plus my art blog. As mentioned above, both have a small number of visitors, but this is being worked on.

For the model making blog, I have affiliate links with Amazon and Airfix. I have built up some affiliate commission with Amazon over the years, but not enough for a pay out yet. So it does work. The Airfix affiliate links have so far not resulted in any sales. But this is a long term game, and as my blog following/hits grow, then those sales should increase. If you would like to view the blog it is

The other blog is for my art work. Again, this uses Amazon affiliate links, but as with above, not many sales. Mind you, this blog is quite new, and visits to it are very low at the moment. One thing I have done with this blog, is tied it in with a corresponding Instagram account. The Instagram account, which is also quite new, started Feb 2021 and currently has 600+ followers.  So plan is to hopefully have interest in my blog generated via Instagram. I do see visits increase after an Instagram post. If you would like to visit my art blog it is 


I'm sure there is a way to generate passive income from affiliate marketing, but at the moment it is a very very slow process for me.