Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 5 Amazon Merch

Not putting all my eggs in one basket - Part 5

Amazon Merch should be a good long term earner for anyone who has an account. 

As with my other POD accounts, I set this up quite a while ago (maybe 4 years ago??). And as per the other POD accounts I really had no idea back then what to do. Which seems a bit silly now, as it's not really rocket science! Anyway, potentially a huge opportunity missed to be one of the early success on Amazon Merch. But hay ho, everything happens for a reason.

Unlike the other POD accounts, you don't get a shop front. You create your design, select the product you want to sell it on, then submit it for approval.

What I do like about Amazon Merch is that its not a free for all like the other PODs. When you first get accepted to join, you are restricted to 10 designs. Once you have sold 10 items, you then move up to 25, then 100, 500 etc. (At the time of writing this blog, I'm on tier 100).

Another plus, well some may not consider it a plus. If you have a design that does not sell within 365 days, Amazon will remove the design/products from the site. So really only popular designs stay, and all the rubbish gets removed.

Amazon Merch for me at the moment is like the other PODs, I get peaks and lows of sales. I'm really looking forward to the day when I get sales each day. It will come, but it takes time.

For me, Amazon Merch and Etsy are going to be my two more successful revenue streams. Both have very large customer bases, and it is easier to control prices based on commission.

If you do set up an Amazon Merch account, then I would suggest downloading PrettyMerch It is a very nice dashboard which you can use for free (until you have 500 products, then you have to pay). It is so much more user friendly than the Amazon Merch dashboard.

As I don't have a shop to show, I'll just pop some links to a few of my designs: